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Open Bible
Dr. McPherson preaches from Psalm 2 on the four voices heard speaking in the text. The voice of Defiance, the voice of Derision, the voice Declaration and the voice of Decision.
This Psalm declares that God is still on the throne.

The Book of Exodus
Dr. Rex McPherson, Pastor of Galilean, undertakes to teach from the book of Exodus.  He doesn't pretend to teach the book, just to teach from it.

The Cross and The Memory of Sin
Dr. McPherson, Pastor of Galilean, speaks about the effects the cross has on the memory of our sin. The three ways it affects us are: 1)The cross takes the sting out of the memory of sin, 2) The cross makes the memory of sin a means of grace, 3) The cross will one day erase the memory of our sins.

The Lord's Requirements
Dr. McPherson preaches from Micah chapter 6 verse 8 on three simple things that the Lord requires of His people. To do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God.

The Straying Son
Dr. Dennis Petty, Missions Director for the Gospel Preacher Association preaches from Luke 15 on "The Straying Son." You will be blessed by this fresh and insightful look at the parable of the prodigal son. Delivered at Galilean on Oct. 26, 2008.

The Love of God and the Way of Salvation
Dr Rex McPherson draws from two of the most loved passages of John's Gospel, John chapter 3 and John chapter 14. Because of God's love for us, Jesus died to open to us "The Way of Salvation." Delivered at Galilean on Nov. 16, 2008.

The Gospel
Dr. Tolbert Moore, Pastor Emeritus, preaches about the good news that came down to man, the Gospel.  Originally preached Aug 24, 2008.

The Blood
Dr. Moore continues his series on the Gospel with this insightful lesson on the blood of Christ, and its importance to the salvation of man.  Originally preached Sep 14, 2008.

Baptism and the Holy Spirit
More from Dr. Moore on the Gospel, with an emphasis on the the roles of baptism and the Holy Spirit. Originally preached Sep 14, 2008.

Christ Who Is Our Life
Dr. Rex McPherson, Pastor of Galilean, preaches about Jesus Christ being our life. Originally preached Aug 31, 2008, at Galilean Baptist Church.

Father, Forgive Them
The first words spoken from the cross were "Father, Forgive Them." Listen as Dr. Rex McPherson speaks on the significance of these powerful words.